My inspiration comes from my love of nature, being in it, and playing in the mud.  Throwing on the wheel with some good tunes playing in the background; I can’t think of a better way to spend the day. This inspires me to create unique functional fine art tableware that will bring joy to all of your senses.

“ Carlotta Indermaur “

Using the elements, earth, water, air, and fire I create functional hand made “tools”. Landscapes lend their palate of earth tones and rich vibrant colors, blending and swirling like a primordial soup.

About me

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania USA.  Nature was my backyard and my center from which all creativity was formed. A walk in the woods is my go to cure-all. The nature of clay motivates me from its beginnings as a lifeless clump into functional form and ultimately vitrifying into ceramics that we use daily.

Clay can be recycled at so many stages on its way to becoming something practical. I love that I can reclaim and reuse this wonderful resource. It is only after the first firing that it has been forever changed and can no longer go back to its original form.

My love of pots has two beginnings. One, ceramics are practical and I love that, not just dust collecting chotchkies. Two, the hands-on creating processes through all the various stages until it’s realized is incredibly challenging and equally rewarding.

Working with clay is cathartic as the mind drifts off to find the ethereal realm of creativity.

Using handmade things in our daily life creates a connection between the maker and the consumer. I hope that, right now, someone is eating a homemade meal from one of my bowls or drinking their morning coffee from one of my mugs.  It is this connection, to art and to one another, that I strive to create in my life and work. I love throwing on the wheel and it gives me great pleasure knowing that there are many people out there who enjoy using my pottery.

When I moved to Switzerland I knew I would have to find a new community of potters with which to springboard ideas. There are so many talented, wonderful people that clay has introduced me to.

I took pottery classes in Sylvania Ohio and in Uster Switzerland as well as various workshops at La Meridiana, international school of ceramics in Tuscany Italy. Otherwise I am self taught and always ready to learn more, taking courses when possible. I have a B.A. in Anthropology from Ohio University. I divide my time between my two kneady endeavours: Licensed massage therapist and potter.